Facts and Figures

  • MAWC serves 125,000 customers in a five county region.
  • MAWC has three water treatment plants which can produce over 60 million gallons of water per day.
  • A new $30 million dollar water treatment plant at our Beaver Run Reservoir.
  • MAWC has 2,300 miles of water transmission lines; 8,100 hydrants; 61 water storage tanks; and 41 pumping stations in a service area equal in size to the state of Rhode Island.
  • MAWC water mains laid end to end would stretch from Pittsburgh to California.
Facility Year Opened Capacity Location
George R. Sweeney 1996 24 mgd Bell Twp., Westmoreland Co.
McKeesport 1990 10 mgd McKeesport, Allegheny Co.
Indian Creek 1973 20 mgd Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co.
Indian Creek Expansion 1979 45 mgd  


20-Year Water Needs by Project Type
Transmission $2.83 Billion
Treatment $1.30 Billion
Storage $432 Million
Source $192 Million
Other $48 Million
*The Municipal Wastes and Wastewater Market, Zweig White and Associates, Inc., 1997


40-Year Water Needs by Project Type
Transmission $92.96 Million
Storage $15.68 Million
Treatment $3.36 Million
*MAWC's 1998 Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey as presented to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

MAWC Facts

  • 61 Water Storage Facilities
  • 93 Million Gallons Per Day (mgd) Capacity
  • The amount of storage is 1.75% greater than our daily system-wide usage of 54 mgd.