Fire Service

Public Fire Protection

If a  fire hydrant installation is required by a political subdivision the applicant will make a deposit of $1200.00 representing approximately 50% of the cost of such installation.  Requests for fire hydrant installation will be accepted only on existing water mains of sizes six inch and larger provided, however, the hydrant branch shall not exceed 20 feet in length.  If installation is requested on a pipe line larger than 12 inch in size, then the political subdivision will pay 50% of the actual cost of the installation, deposit to be made in advance based on the estimated cost. 

Public Fire Service

Each Public Fire Hydrant, $50.00 per annum

Private Fire Protection

Applications will be accepted for private fire service provided water mains of adequate size as determined by the Authority, exist at the location.  The installation will be  made at the expense of the customer. 

Private Fire Service

  • Each fire hydrant, $443.39 per annum
  • Each 4" connection or smaller, $712.22 per annum
  • Each 6" connection, $2,489.76 per annum
  • Each 8" connection, $4,265.29 per annum
  • Each 10" connection, $7,110.15 per annum 
  • Each 12" connection, $10,665.23 per annum

* No charge shall be made for water used in the extinguishing of accidential fires and water for other purposes shall not be drawn from a private fire connection