What is a typical water emergency?

    • A water main leak causing flooding/damage or icy conditions in the winter.
    • A service line leak outside of the home causing flooding/damage or icy conditions in the winter.
    • A leak inside the home causing flooding/damage and the inside valve is inoperable.

    What is a typical wastewater emergency?

    • A basement back up of wastewater.
    • A manhole or clean out that is overflowing.



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      24 hours a day / 7 days a week



      Flushing with Ice

      If you received a letter about "Ice Pigging" in your area, or if you live in the areas below, please refer to the video below for more information about the water line flushing method we will use. Also, please see the letter sent to residents in the affected areas below the video.

      Ice Pigging Truck

      8/27/18 Morning (9 AM - 12 Noon) – Goldie Lane, Shirley Lane.

      8/27/18 Mid Morning (12 Noon - 2 PM) Maple Ave, Sylvan Ave, Penn.- North Versailles

      8/27/18 afternoon (2 PM - 6 PM) – Greensburg- Adams St, Lafayette St, Jackson St, and alleyways, Hamilton St in the vicinity.

      8/29/18- Morning (9 AM - 12 Noon)-Broadway Ave. Extension- North Versailles

      8/29/18- Afternoon (2 PM - 4 PM) Youngwood- N and S 1st st, and Second St. below Depot.

      8/29/18- Late Afternoon (4 PM - 7 PM) N. Water St (100-200 block) and Riverside Dr. West Newton

      Below is the letter sent to residents in the area where the "Ice Pigging" method of line flushing is to take place. Please note; if you live in the affected area and did not receive a phone call about this program, please visit https://payments.mawc.org/site/login to update your emergency contact information.

      The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County will be conducting Ice Pigging maintenance to the water main lines in your area the week of August 27th, 2018. The procedure is an alternative to flushing main lines. Ice pigging is a technique that is effective in removing particles and sediment from main line walls. Ice slurry is injected and pumped through a section of main to “scrub” it, removing all loose particles and debris.

      During this process which will occur during normal daylight hours (8am-5pm), we ask that you please do not use your water for approximately 3-4 hours as you may draw some of the ice slurry and dirt into your service lines. This process may also cause a small amount of table salt (used to make the ice slurry) to enter your service lines. Customers should not only avoid using the water during the cleaning process but should also flush their service lines for a period of 3-5 minutes (or longer for longer service lines) when the process is complete, to avoid the salty taste.

      For healthy individuals, the normal sodium intake from water is not critical, however larger sodium levels (like those associated with this process) can be a concern to individuals on sodium restricted diets or those on dialysis. Please flush your service lines to avoid any issues.

      MAWC will be contacting you with more accurate times when the crews will be in your area by telephone. If you have not updated your contact information with us, please do so by phoning our office at 724-755-5800 Or you can visit our website for further information the week of the project.

      If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Mark Stoner, MAWC Water Quality Superintendent, at 724-755-5882 or by email at mstoner@mawc.org.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding as MAWC makes necessary improvements for the quality of your drinking water.