MAWC to Enforce Backflow Device Installation for Commercial and Industrial Accounts

New Stanton, PA ( Aug 13, 2015) MAWC will begin to shut off the commercial and industrial accounts that are not complying with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection cross connection/backflow requirements. A series of letters have been sent out to noncomplying accounts over the past year notifying them of the mandatory backflow device testing. In accordance with the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act, 25 PA Code Chapter 109:

(a) No person may introduce contaminants into a public water supply through a service connection of a public water system.

(1) It shall be the responsibility of the customer to eliminate cross-connection or provide backflow devices to prevent contamination of the distribution system from both backsiphonage and backpressure. Individual backflow preventers shall be acceptable to the public water supplier.

(2) If the customer fails to comply with paragraph (1) within a reasonable period of time, the water supplier shall discontinue service after reasonable notice has been made to the customer.

  1. Beginning on Monday, August 17, commercial and industrial accounts that have not complied with the state mandatory testing will receive a 24 hour notice left at the property. If you receive this notice, you must contact the Cross Connection Control Department immediately at (844) 605-5213. Failure to do so will result in termination of your water service.
  2. This does not affect residential accounts at this time, only commercial and industrial accounts. must be made through the Cross Connection Control Department at (844) 605-5213. MAWC’s customer service cannot make any arrangements to avoid water service termination.


Reminder- This does not include residential accounts!