Project - 48" line, Omnova to Adamsburg

Install approximately 15,150' 48" CL52 Ductile Iron Pipe for the 48" Omnova to Adamsburg Water Transmission Main,
Section 1, City of Jeannette and Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, PA.

Construction of 48" Transmission Main from Chambers Avenue, Jeannette Omnova Property to connections with Adamsburg Tank.
Hempfield Township. Project includes relocation of 920' 8" C900 Pipe along Welty Avenue in Jeannette. 

Proposed Net Expenditure:   $9,868,238.00

This project will complete the 18.5 mile connection of the two large water storage tanks in Ruffsdale and Adamsburg, and allow water from the Indian Creek Water Treatment Plant and the Sweeney WTP to interchangeably supply each others system.

Sweeney is located in Bell Township and supplies MAWC service addresses north of Route 30.

Indian Creek is located in South Connellsville and supplies MAWC service addresses south of Route 30, along with North Versailles and Forward in Allegheny County. 

Together, these two plants serve approximately 107,000 of the MAWC's approximate 120,000 drinking water service addresses.

This 18.5 mile 48" project will allow the two systems' water supply to be used in place of the other in the event of an issue. 



Gibson Thomas Engineering

Status Update: 

In progress
Public Meeting to be held June 27, 2018 in City Hall at 6:30PM
Under construction
Contractor has Approx. 3500’ installed of 48” DI pipe and approx. 1000’ 8” PVC installed as of 10/12/18. Restoration on Jeannette Streets to begin 10/17/18 thru 11/9/18
More than 4,000' of pipe installed. Approaching End of Welty Ave.
Approximately 10,000 feet installed.
12,950 feet installed