Project - Larimer Mountain Water Supply Line replacement

Replacement of 2,400 feet of a 118-year-old, 30-inch water line through the Larimer area of North Huntingdon Township. A low bid of $707,891 will pay for installation of pipe bought by MAWC, and a bore through a hillside.Total project costs including pipe purchase by MAWC and engineering and permitting is estimated at $2 million.

The line is part of the former Mountain Water Supply system that used to run along the Pennsylvania Railroad from the Mill Run Reservoir in Fayette County to Station Square in Pittsburgh to supply steam engines. The current active length of the water line is 228,000 feet, or 43 miles. The active section runs from Dunbar Township in Fayette County to Wall Borough in Allegheny County. MAWC previously spent $60,000 to evaluate the pipe’s strength using sonar, and are replacing the section with the most wear.


Status Update (chronological): 

Installation bid awarded
Work to begin April 22