Project - McKeesport, Grandview fire flow

Proposed Water Main Extension Silver Alley – Fire Flow Enhancement Project City of McKeesport, Allegheny County
The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) will extend approximately 3340 feet of 12-inch C900 CL235 PVC pipe and 340 feet of 8-inch C900 CL235 PVC pipe to enhance fire flow capacity within the Grandview neighborhood of the City of McKeesport. MAWC’s Distribution personnel will install about 800 feet of 12-inch water main, make system connections and install fire hydrants and changeover service connections as necessary. Installation of the remaining 2540 feet of 12-inch main and 340 feet of 8-inch main will be subject to public bid. MAWC Engineering personnel will provide design, permitting, construction inspection and contract management services. MAWC will provide funding for this project through our 2016 Bond Issue at an estimated cost of $843,200. Figure 1 shows the location and extent of this project.

Status Update: 

awaiting DEP permit approval