Project - Mt. Pleasant, W Main St.

Proposed Water Main Extension/ReplacementMain Street (SR0031)Mt. Pleasant Borough, Westmoreland County
MAWC will install approximately 2925 feet of 12-inch C900 CL235 PVC pipe and 100 feet of 8-inch C900 CL235 PVC pipe along Main Street (SR0031) in Mount Pleasant Borough, Westmoreland County. The project will commence at Morewood Street (SR0981) and will end on Brodack Road. The project’s primary purpose is to enhance water conveyance capacity to Mount Pleasant Borough. Also, the project will replace various types of existing small diameter mains including 6-inch asbestos cement and cast iron pipes. MAWC’s 2016 Bond issue will be the funding source for this $1,219,100.00 project. The project will be subject to public bid. MAWC Engineering will provide design, permitting, construction inspection and contract administration services. MAWC Distribution personnel will change over service lines and install system tie-ins and fire hydrants. Figure 2 illustrates the project’s location and extent

Status Update: 

In progress