What is a typical water emergency?

    • A water main leak causing flooding/damage or icy conditions in the winter.
    • A service line leak outside of the home causing flooding/damage or icy conditions in the winter.
    • A leak inside the home causing flooding/damage and the inside valve is inoperable.

    What is a typical wastewater emergency?

    • A basement back up of wastewater.
    • A manhole or clean out that is overflowing.



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      Project - N Huntingdon. Clay Pike phase II

      Water Main Replacement Project
      Clay Pike – Phase II (County Road 64092)
      North Huntingdon Twp., Westmoreland County
      The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County will replace existing antiquated 8-inch cast iron water main along Clay Pike (County Road 64092) between Guffy Road (SR3049) and to Robbins Station Road (SR3047) in North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County. The project will entail installation of approximately 6,360 feet of C900 CL235 12-inch water main and seven (7) fire hydrants. The project purpose is to enhance delivery capacity and water quality. Gibson Thomas Engineering (GTE) designed the project and submitted applications to various local and state agencies to obtain the necessary permits. In addition, GTE prepared contract documents, including drawings and specifications. Accordingly, the project was subject to public bid and, at their regularly scheduled meeting on June 13, 2018, MAWC’s Board of Directors awarded the installation contract to Superior Utility Excavating of Greensburg at the low bid cost of $543,304. MAWC will provide pipe and appurtenances for this project. MAWC’s Engineering Department will provide construction inspection, construction certification and contract administration oversight. MAWC Distribution personnel will install system tie-ins and fire hydrants and change over approximately 76 existing customer service lines. The total estimated project cost is $1,413,754. MAWC’s 2016 Bond Issue will serve as the funding source for this project. Figure 1 illustrates the project’s location and extent.

      Status Update (chronological): 

      Under construction
      1,185 feet installed