Service Line Protection

Most homeowners are unaware that the water service line going from the street to their home is the homeowners's responsibility.

Water line breaks can be extremely costly to repair and seem to always occur at the most inconvenient time.

After a leak develops, it is only then that a homeowner realizes their Homeowners Insurance does not cover the repairs, and that they may face out of pocket expenses of $2,000 or more.

For only $3.50 per month you can have access to the 24 hour toll free telephone number 1-877-947-3783 where a pre-qualified plumber will respond within 24 hours to schedule repairs of your water service line at absolutely no cost to you. The fee for this service will be added to your quarterly water bill from the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County or paid annually by credit card. Utilishield is a consumer friendly service that addresses a significant customer service problem.

To learn more, or to enroll now, call 1-877-947-3783 or visit