Sourcewater Protection

Sourcewater Protection is the responsibility of all of us. Here at the MAWC, we have an active Sourcewater Protection program that works with the state, county, and interested citizens. We also operate our wastewater plants with a goal to always put water back into nature in as good or better condition as when we took in water to treat it for drinking water. This way, we are not only following the law but being good neighbors. Almost everyone lives downstream from someone else, so it's important that all of us take care of the precious resource of water in its natural state.

Whether it's in an illegal dump, or dumping problem substances down a wastewater or storm drain, some substances can harm your water quality and that of our neighbors downstream.

Improper disposal of medicines, pesticides, solvents, paints, antifreeze, oil and gasoline all contribute to worsening water quality and can be lethal to fish, animals and aquatic life.

You can contact your municipal government for information about problem waste drop-off times, and where to report an illegal dump.

Sourcewater Incident Reports


If you’d like to help keep the waterways clean, you can join a watershed group in your area. Consult this directory or this map to learn more about these organizations.

MAWC is a partner with Water Reporter. You can take photos of water events and report them to the group of users.