Volunteer / Citizen Science

You can help to positively affect water quality in your community! Please read below for opportunities to actively volunteer, and ways to more passively affect water quality from your own home.

Local volunteer organizations and actions you can take:

  1. Mountain Watershed Association https://www.mtwatershed.com/
  2. Jacobs Creek Watershed Association https://www.jacobscreekwatershed.org/
  3. Turtle Creek Watershed Association https://turtlecreekwatershed.org/
  4. Keystone10 Million Trees
  5. Become a Penn State Cooperative Extension Watershed Steward. Learn more at https://extension.psu.edu/programs/watershed-stewards
  6. Smart Growth Partnership https://smartgrowthpa.org/get-involved/ https://smartgrowthpa.org/about/  
  7. Be part of our source water protection committee. Contact Duane Goodsell at dgoodsell@mawc.org for more information.

Consult this directory or this map to learn more about these and other volunteer watershed organizations.

Citizen Science

MAWC is a partner with Water Reporter. You can take photos of water events and report them to the group of users.

Additional Opportunities

Notify the authorities of any spills or incidents in the watershed. Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest Regional Office 24-hour phone number at 412-442-4000 to report any incidents.

Clean up after your pets and limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Dispose of pharmaceuticals and household hazardous waste like batteries and paint at the proper disposal facilities. You can find a household hazardous waste clean program near you at https://www.dep.pa.gov/Citizens/RecyclingDisposal/HouseholdHazardousWaste/Pages/default.aspx.